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InfiniteAloe® Skin Care for Men
4 Reasons Why Men Need InfiniteAloe® Skin Care

(Even more than women)

  1. Women aren’t the only ones with skin.

    Why should women be the only ones to have the benefit of skin that looks and feels great?

    Men need grooming products that work to keep skin healthy and good looking.

    Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosecea and others are not particular to women. Every man deserves healthy, soft skin.

    Don’t let old-fashioned beliefs like “men don’t need skin creams” act as an excuse for not giving your skin the top quality care it deserves. Men need moisturizer, too!

    The marketplace has been inconsiderate of the male sex. We address this problem with our InfiniteAloe® Skin Care including:

    InfiniteAloe® Special Edition: distinguished, a sleek, black design with a musky scent and InfiniteAloe® unscented for men who prefer a non-scented version of our perfect Aloe Vera Skin Cream.

  2. Infinitealoe® Skin Care Serves Men’s Shaving Needs

    If you’ve ever shaved your face you know: shaving really gives your skin a beating. Shaving can leave your face baby soft, or looking like you wrestled with barbed wire, depending on the quality of your shaving tools, including an excellent shaving cream.

    Every day shaving woes are relieved with InfiniteAloe® Skin Care, an experience every man should enjoy.

    Better than any traditional shaving cream or lotion, InfiniteAloe® Skin Care does much more than keeping your razor smooth and steady, it benefits your skin during the shaving experience with healing organic Aloe Vera and essential oils to moisturize and soften. InfiniteAloe® Skin Care is not greasy and will soak deep into your pores to give you a healthy, robust look.

    How to Care for Your Skin While Shaving

    • Open your pores by washing with warm water.
    • Put InfiniteAloe Skin Care all over your face and let it soak deep into your skin
    • Reapply a second time in the areas you will shave.
    • Gently shave the beard areas.
    • Reapply more InfiniteAloe® as needed.

  3. Men’s Skin Really Needs More Care Than Women’s

    Because skin care orientation has been almost entirely in the direction of women’s needs, the lifestyle needs of men are almost non-existent in the marketplace. Men are presented with the concept that skin care is only “for girls.”

    Not true.

    In fact, you might be surprised to find out that men need powerful skin care solutions more than women.

    Occupations traditionally held by men are most likely to cause the skin to become dry, chapped, rough or cracked or to suffer occupational dermatitis from chemical damage.

    Some occupations that can really give your skin a beating:

    • Construction and mechanical work
    • Doctors/nurses
    • Chefs/waiters
    • Farmers and carpenters who often suffer painfully dry skin

    Hobbies that can really give your skin a beating:

    • Skiing, sledding, snowboarding
    • Motor biking, car racing
    • Surfing, baseball, softball, archery, target practice and more

    Any job or hobby working with your hands where they encounter chemicals, or a lack of hydration, will dry your skin. If you are often exposed to the sun or get sunburns, you need it.

    Use InfiniteAloe® Skin Care to keep your hands touchingly soft no matter what you’ve been doing all day.

  4. Real men are beautiful, too.

    We know this is a risky concept to mention in certain social circles.

    But we don’t care. We’ll take the social dare because we really do care about your skin.

    Men should have all of the advantages of anti-aging skin care.

    We’ve all heard that old adage: men don’t need skin creams because “men look handsome and distinguished” as they grow older. While this is true, it does not mean your face should needs to look dry, wrinkled and sour.

    Take care of your skin and you’ll look and feel your best.

    Men, indeed, are beautiful creatures.

    If you’ve ever lived with a man, you know: men need tender loving care (sometimes even more than women.)

Get InfiniteAloe® Skin Care for Men, today.

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