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Scientific Breakthrough Nanotechnology
Applications in InfiniteAloe® Gold

Created by Nature, Delivered by Science

Your skin has the impressive task of protecting the phenomenal internal workings of your body from toxins or damage that can impair its operation.

That’s why the outermost layer of your skin is nearly impenetrable. Only molecules smaller than 500 nanometers can penetrate these walls and reach the deepest levels of the dermis, where the skin can receive nutrients readily.

Nanotechnologies: Advanced Applications in Skin Care

Enter Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – the research and development of material at the nanometer scale. Nanotechnology application in skin care is all about using nanotechnology to deliver nutrients into the skin faster and deeper than ever before. Nearly atomic in size, a nanometer is one billionth of a meter (or a millionth of a millimeter) – virtually the size of an atom. To give you a comparison, an average human hair is 80,000 nanometers in width.

The skin’s outer layer or epidermis consists of more than 30 layers of dead skin cells. Underneath it is the dermis, where these health nutrients can do their best work. The deeper these life-giving nutrients can travel into the skin, the better and faster, the dermis can rejuvenate and repair. This is why you will see both an immediate and a long-term result using InfiniteAloe® Ageless Beauty Skin Care: InfiniteAloe Gold – Anti Aging Formula.

Nanotechnology Applications

Nanotechnology applications have been in existence for decades. For example, many sunscreens use nanoparticles. A number of brand name skin care lines use nanotechnology and have done so for years. But there is no other Aloe Vera cream that uses nanotechnology as its delivery system ONLY InfiniteAloe® Ageless Beauty Skin Care: InfiniteAloe Gold – Anti Aging Formula.

How Does Nanotechnology Work?

“Nanocarriers” are microscopically small capsules. Molecules of nutrients are encapsulated in tiny droplets and transported into the skin

A tiny droplet of the substance that will enhance the skin is placed inside of a nanoparticle vehicle called a “nanocarrier”. The vehicle enters the skin carrying with it, the beneficial substance.

Most of the effects that accompany aging such as wrinkles, sagging and loosening of the skin occur at the dermal layer. This is where the activity takes place that can rejuvenate damaged skin or repair the damage done over the years of over exposure to the sun, dehydration and lack of nutrients. Nanotechnology enables the hydration and nutrients to reach the dermis faster and in greater force.

The Future of Nanotechnology

Skin care making use of nanotechnology may well result in tremendous advances in healing, moisturizing, treating and protecting the skin. It is a remarkable breakthrough and undoubtedly is the future of skin care. As researchers continue to develop and test new methods we can only expect to see better and more exciting new results.

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