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More on Facial Masks...

 (Self-photo by bookgrl)

The biologically active ingredients used in making masks have stimulating, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory effects. The agents cleanse the skin, activate the skin's metabolism, open up the pores, increase blood circulation, renovate & nourish skin.
-- In young women a mask will preserve the freshness of skin, clean and decrease oiliness.
-- For older women, a mask will soften, refresh & tone dry skin.
-- Use nourishing masks made of fruit or berry juices to preserve face color.
-- Masks made of chamomile, mint, rose petals are beneficial for everyone.
-- Masks can be used 2 to 3 times per week.  More if possible.
-- Apply masks to clean skin.
-- Apply masks evenly over entire face and neck, omitting the area under the eyes.
-- Do not rub the mask off.  Use a warm wash cloth as a compress to pull the mask off.  Rinse and repeat until the entire mask has been removed.
-- A mask should remain on for 20 minutes, no more, otherwise you risk the skin becoming stretched and tired.  Remember, because you are applying live vitamins, amino acids, and other naturally active ingredients, so its like giving your skin a full work out.  It will tire out just like you would after a good exercise workout & will create the opposite effect you are trying to achieve by using the mask.
-- Lay down and relax!  This is your time.  You also want to avoid talking.
-- If the mask you are about to apply is hot, check temperature before applying.  You don't want to burn your skin.  Make sure the temperature is just right.
-- If your skin is dry, apply a very thin layer of facial skin cream before applying the mask....and after you remove the mask.
-- If you have flabby skin, use masks with lemon in the winter and cucumber in the summer.
-- A mask with egg whites are for skin that is porous and oily.
-- Milk product masks are very effective for nourishing, toning and refining the skin's qualities.
-- If you are lucky and have normal skin, any mask may be used.