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A Common Food With Uncommon Benefits

September marks apple harvest season and National Apple Month—so let’s celebrate the great health benefits apples offer. Here are just four of the many good things about nature’s “first powerfood.”


Weight Loss

A lot of fiber and chewing satisfaction for a small amount of calories makes apples a good choice for many women who would like to lose weight. A Brazilian study suggests that women who ate an apple half an hour before a meal lose 33% more weight than those who didn’t. In addition to losing inches, apples can help you gain vitamins and minerals, such as anti-oxidants A and C, along with iron and calcium. 

Digestive Health 

Apples are loaded with soluble fiber (about 4-5 grams), which is great for digestive health. The fiber in apples, known as pectin, is classed as a soluble, viscous and fermentable fiber, a combination that gives it a long list of health benefits. Eating plenty of apples can reduce the risk of intestinal disorders, such as diverticulitis and colorectal cancer, as well as liver, colon, pancreatic and breast cancer.

Heart and Diabetes

Apples are so common that we overlook their health and beauty benefits. Did you know that they can help to control insulin levels by releasing sugar slowly into the bloodstream? Apple pectin can also help to reduce cholesterol levels by lowering insulin.

Better Skin

Some studies suggest that apples cleanse and purify the body, helping to remove toxins resulting in prettier skin. Traditional advice tells women to eat at least 2 cups of fresh fruit and vegetables a day to have healthy, radiant skin—why not make apples a regular part of your regimen?