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3 Tips For Great Summer Skin

by pink sherbert photography

This season's skimpier clothing puts more of your skin on display than any other time of year, so be ready for fabulous summer skin!

  1. Exfoliate. A good scrub should be mild and moisturizing, as you slough off the thin layer of dead cells to reveal the smooth new skin underneath. InfiniteAloe Scrub is excellent for the face and body, but be extra gentle on the face. Always wet the skin first before using so the exfoliator is not too harsh, and don't use it more often than once every week or two.

  2. Get your feet sandal-ready. After thoroughly soaking your feet is the best time to rub off the excess dry skin and then apply moisturizer. A pedicure is in order. Hot toenail colors this summer are baby blue (sported by Marie Cotillard in sparkling silver sandals) and tangerine (boldly worn by Beyonce recently). The pretty feet of Penelope Cruz are wearing a subtle beige, where her toenails match her sandals. We are seeing a lot of metallics this summer, too.

  3. Protect your pout. Don't forget that your lips are exposed to the sun, too. Lip balms with SPF come in many varieties, flavors, and prices, from drugstore brands to luxury names—the main thing is to use one, and reapply it often when you're outdoors.