5 Reasons Why InfiniteAloe Is the Best Fragrance-Free Aloe Vera Cream

5 Reasons Why InfiniteAloe Is the Best Fragrance-Free Aloe Vera Cream

According to research, the average woman applies an average of 515 chemicals on her body every day without being aware of it. If you are worried about the unknown toxins you could be putting on your skin, you should use only the best fragrance-free aloe vera cream, InfiniteAloe.   According to safecosmetics.org, European countries have much stricter rules regarding skin care ingredients than the US or Canada does. They do this for a good reason because these toxins can cause genetic mutation, sterilization, and even linked to cancers.   Switching to the best fragrance free aloe vera cream will help you to avoid these harsh chemicals and nourish your skin in ways you have never experienced.   So what are these toxins exactly, and why choose aloe vera? Keep on reading to learn more about the wonderful benefits of using InfiniteAloe.

Why You Should Think Before You Stink...With Fragrances

If the above information didn't capture your attention yet, this definitely will. Skin lotion contains phthalates, formaldehyde, and parabens, and also seriously lacks safety data. Studies have shown they are significantly linked to genital birth defects and altered pregnancies in animals.

Why You Can Trust InfiniteAloe, the Best Fragrance-Free Aloe Vera Cream

We understand how shocking this information can be if you had no idea about the toxins in your skin care products. We will now cover why you can trust InfiniteAloe to nourish your skin safely.

1. Will Nourish-Not Dry Your Skin.

Fragranced lotions contain a lot of alcohol which can be very detrimental to dry skin. By using the best fragrance-free aloe vera cream, you can be assured that you are moisturizing your skin, and not drying it out without consent.

2. InfiniteAloe has Extremely Gentle Ingredients.

InfiniteAloe has no surprise ingredients, we use only the finest organic ingredients sourced from mother nature such as:
  • Rosehip oil
  • Calendula
  • Chamomile
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Green tea
  • Grape seed oil
Learn more about our ingredients and how they help your skin appear brighter, more vibrant, and clear.

3. It Helps Even the Driest of Skin Conditions

Do you suffer from painful skin irritations such as psoriasis or eczema? Aloe vera contains many moisturizing and soothing properties to help with the uncomfortable symptoms associated with either skin condition.

4. Non-Greasy Formula

Many skin care products that are targeted for dry skin will actually have adverse effects, leaving your skin to feel oily and sticky. InfiniteAloe is a non-greasy formula with very powerful moisturizing benefits.

5. Safe for All Skin Types

Typically, with most beauty products, you need to find a specific cream that matches your skin type. This can become costly because sometimes your skin changes and you can have both oily and dry skin (combination) in the same week. If you suffer from sensitive skin, we understand how hard it can be to find a skincare product that your skin will tolerate.   Fragrance-free InfiniteAloe is perfect to use on all skin types, from extremely oily with acne, sensitive skin, to extremely dry with eczema.

Try out the Fragrance-Free InfiniteAloe Today, and Finally Soothe Your Sensitive, Dry Skin

You are in luck, we have a special on the best fragrance-free aloe vera cream you will ever find! Check out our real stories from others who have sensitive skin and benefited from using InfiniteAloe.