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ageing skin

  • I've been told I look as if I'm in my 20's....

    I faithfully use your skin cream on my face and hands every day. I've been told I look as if I'm in my 20's. In fact, I still get carded when I have a glass of wine. Actually I am 35 years old; my skin feels great and looks great! I recommend your skin cream to everyone! Try it. You'll love it too and look younger. ~W.E., Huntington, CA ... Read More
  • InfiniteAloe Scrub....Yummy!

    photo: chapendra InfiniteAloe's® Scrub is extraordinary.  It has a mild mint scent, and it leaves your skin so silky afterward. Having used many skin scrubs, sea salt scrubs and body washes, I have never experienced the result and feel of silkiness that this scrub leaves you with.  Its versatility allows you to use it on your face, as well as your entire body.  What brought me to write about it is a recent Real Sto... Read More
  • More on Facial Masks...

     (Self-photo by bookgrl) The biologically active ingredients used in making masks have stimulating, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory effects. The agents cleanse the skin, activate the skin's metabolism, open up the pores, increase blood circulation, renovate & nourish skin. -- In young women a mask will preserve the freshness of skin, clean and decrease oiliness. -- For older women, a mask will soften, refresh & tone dry skin.... Read More

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