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Aloe Vera 101: Everything You Need to Know About InfiniteAloe Skin Care's Not So Secret Ingredient

Aloe vera is a funky looking succulent plant that grows in dry, tropical climates. For over 6,000 years people have been using this incredible plant to enjoy its healthful properties. These days, you don't even have to harvest aloe vera yourself. You can buy products like InfiniteAloe skin care with aloe vera in them, or even straight up aloe vera gel. But why would you? Find out the incredible (and varied) benefits of this versatile little plant here!

Soothing a Burn

If you only know one thing about aloe vera, it's probably this: aloe vera can help soothe a sunburn. The unique properties in aloe vera can help soothe more than just sunburns. Aloe could also help soothe all kinds of burns. That includes first and second-degree burns caused by something other than the sun.

Of course, practitioners of natural medicine have known about the benefits for a long time. Now it's time for you to take advantage of them too!

InfiniteAloe Skin Care Benefits

Aloe vera does more for the skin than just soothe painful burns. As a desert plant, it has to be able to store water for the long dry spells. It seems to be able to transfer those properties, at least partially, to your skin. Thus, you can use aloe vera for well-hydrated skin. This helps to plump up and smooth your skin. What does that mean? Properly hydrated skin helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles - something everyone loves! Plus, the water in the leaves combines with chemical compounds in the plant that makes it an ideal moisturizer.

Soothe Skin Conditions

The gentle, soothing properties of aloe vera also help with itchy skin conditions like psoriasis. In fact, it could be said that aloe vera is a miracle worker for the skin. Antioxidants Aloe vera is also rich in antioxidants. If you've heard anything about antioxidants, you know what powerhouses these incredible ingredients are. Usually, people talk about antioxidants in reference to eating them. But they provide a ton of benefits for the skin as well! Free-radicals from sun exposure and exposure to environmental toxins can build up in your skin. Antioxidants help to eliminate and even reverse the damage that this can cause. Applying them directly to your skin is a great way to do this.

More Benefits of Aloe Vera

This list has only scratched the surface of all the benefits that this little plant contains. It also has benefits for reducing plaque on the teeth, as a mouthwash, and for soothing canker sores! There's a lot that this incredibly versatile plant has to offer. To learn more about this amazing plant, check out the aloe vera section of our Infinite Aloe skin care blog.