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  • Acne Medication - It’s Almost Like Playing Russian Roulette

    Julia suffered from acne for years and was very worried about having to take medication for it for the rest of her life.    She was aware of the bad publicity and possible links between some acne medications and arthritis, hepatitis and depression. But she didn’t have much choice.   It’s quite scary when you read newspaper reports about the medication you’re taking when the journalism is not only very neg... Read More
  • 3 Tips For Great Summer Skin

    by pink sherbert photography This season's skimpier clothing puts more of your skin on display than any other time of year, so be ready for fabulous summer skin! Exfoliate. A good scrub should be mild and moisturizing, as you slough off the thin layer of dead cells to reveal the smooth new skin underneath. InfiniteAloe Scrub is excellent for the face and body, but be extra gentle on the face. Always wet the skin first before using ... Read More
  • Living Free from Acne – Part IV

    Back by popular demand, this is the fourth in our series on educating yourself about acne treatments. Sulfur masks are popular for treating acne and refining the skin. Sulfur is used as a medicine for rosacea, dermatitis and other conditions, and is available in both prescription medications and over-the-counter products. MSM, a type of organic sulfur, is one of the important ingredients in InfiniteAloe Skin Care. WebMD ... Read More
  • Living Free from Acne - Part 1

    Photo: Martin Gommel Acne affects about 17 million people in the United States. This four-part series on one of the most common skin disorders will examine treatment options for mild to severe acne. Most people have had at least a few pimples in their teenage years. But some have to deal with major outbreaks into adulthood, causing long-term emotional and physical scarring. Fortunately, the range of treatments available today means... Read More
  • Wonderous Aloe

    photo: Genesta This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.   Not all aloe is the same. The many specie are so varied put together it looks like the imaginative bar scene in Star Wars. Aloe is a genus with over 200 species, or 400, depending on who you talk to. The most popular of these is barbadensis Miller aloe, popularly called aloe vera. Actually, only 4 of the types are most popular and the rest are apparently best k... Read More

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