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  • Can Your Attitude Change Your Looks?

    It's been said that, "Beauty - in projection and perceiving - is 99% attitude". Is that true? Have you met people who seem beautiful but in fact, their physical appearance does not conform to ordinary standards of prettiness? Perhaps they are so comfortable with themselves and others that they make you feel special, too? Perhaps their inner confidence projects a strong image that transcends beauty magazine ideals (which are unattainable for ... Read More
  • Thank you so much for the healthier skin

    Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest building in the world) New Review: "It’s hard to find products to make my skin bloom..." "I tried lots of skin softeners, but only this product made my skin comfortable. I’m 42 years of age, living in Dubai. Because of the climate here in the Middle East, my skin was irritated from too much heat from the sun, which can cause allergic reactions due to other products that do not suit... Read More
  • 5-Minute Updo for Medium Length Hair

    This classic updo is great for summer, as it's cool and fresh-looking.  If you skip the face-framing twists, which are a really pretty option, this updo literally takes under than 5 minutes to do. Even with those attractive twists, it takes only 10 minutes and stays looking good all day.  ... Read More
  • Trendy, Elegant Hair for Spring

    This style works for short-medium hair and longer hair, too. I love the simplicity and elegance, while channeling the trend for braids. It has a Spring feel to it, yet it's timeless. Let me know how you like it! Why not check out our Spring Hair Trends Board on Pinterest?  ... Read More

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