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Bugs and Bites

Photo: aussiegall

This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel

It's summer time, let's get out and rub elbows with nature. Don't forget to bring back some bite marks from the mosquitoes, fleas and ticks as a badge of proof you have not been a hermit. Just goes with the fun, right?

That is until along comes that irritating itch, and the red bumps, and maybe a bit of the bug the bugs are infected with, all of which needs a quick handling. The all-around natural healing substance aloe comes to the rescue.

This plant's substance has been healing people of a lot worse that insects for millinnia, aloe (the Barbadensis Miller kind) being analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.  Aloe's healing properties make short work of treating insect sores, just apply it like you would a topical cream. A tip between just us girls, there have been reports of some success using aloe itself to repel bugs, antiseptic possibly being too clean a living for the varmints.

Why Not Use Bug Spray? 
As no one likes an invasion of flies and mosquitoes while trying to enjoy a picnic or other outdoor activities, far better it is to avoid to bug siege entirely. To avoid the bite people have been commonly using DEET. Evidently it keeps the bugs away as they don't like the chemical smell, but it would seem people really like the chemical smell, so they use it.

The toxicity of DEET advises limited usage, particularly not under your clothing, or on damaged skin, limited usage with children and not at all with infants. Internally taken it is a poison. Choose your poison, he said to the pub customers. There is also the ominous characteristic of DEET that it dissolves plastic.

Natural Reprieve
There are natural handlings that are effective in repelling insects. Flame swallowers are seldom seen with insects in their vicinity. Being that that is a limited talent, there are some essential oils anyone can obtain.

For the common criminal, the mosquito, the natural oils of caster, citronella, cinnamon and eucalyptus or lemon eucalyptus are good, use any one of them. If you don't want to pick up fleas from wildlife use orange oil. This is rumored also to be pretty good against bed bugs, which you can pick up from the really wild life.

These essential oils can be combined for a better application with a safe carrier oil or alcohol such as sunflower or olive oil, or even vodka. The mixture of essential oil and alcohol or carrier oil will be effective as a repellent on your skin or clothes for about an hour.

If you are really, seriously bothered by bugs get in the proper frame of mind for summer fun opting for Disney movies over the Hitchcock films.

Then drape around lots of mosquito netting, take up a safari hat, and relax with an elephant gun on your lap. That'll get 'em.

Robert L. Gisel is a Professor, writes at the blog site Who Would Write, and works for Ultimate Creations, Inc, the manufacturer of Infinite Aloe.