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Deep Moisturizing for Chronic Hand Washing

Many professions require consistent hand washing. Surgeons, doctors, dentists, chefs, and several food-related professions are likely the first people we think of when we assume anyone has to wash their hands consistently. But there are others who work with dangerous chemicals, or who are constantly working under harsh, dirty conditions - all of whom often need to wash up before using the restroom, and then again after they have finished, just to stay safe and hygienic. While hand washing is a surefire way to help reduce the spread of disease and infection, it can also have harmful effects on your skin - especially if you’re using harsh soaps or chemicals to wash up. This can be particularly hard on those of you who not only wash up, but then put on powder and latex gloves so as to get your work done. So, how can you combat the dry, often cracking skin that accompanies consistent hand washing? Here are five deep moisturizing solutions that you can use before, during, and after your workday.
  1. Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Our bodies are made up of anywhere between 55-65% of water, yet many of us fail to drink enough all day long. This often shows up in a low-grade headache, fatigue, higher blood pressure, an increase of allergy reactions, very dry skin, wrinkled skin, acid reflux, gastrointestinal discomfort, and more. So, drinking enough water throughout your day is extremely important.
  1. Use absorptive moisturizers. Many lotions are only partially absorbed, leaving a greasy film. This is usually fine if you have a desk job - but if you need to use your hands with precision or you will need to put on gloves to get to work - greasy hands are not an option. Try using products with ingredients that will absorb completely and not leave a film. Here at InfiniteAloe we use ingredients like rose hips to draw moisture deep, penetrating layers of skin, and preventing that greasy film.
  1. Choose your soap carefully. If it’s possible, try to use a soap that is less caustic than what you are using now. There are many antibacterial soaps on the market which also have moisturizing effects.
  1. Give yourself a break. Both men and women can benefit from at-home or in-spa moisturizing treatments. Try to give your hands some “me time” at least once a week. If you have callouses, you may want to use a pumice stone or exfoliating wash to thoroughly scrub your skin - then apply a deep moisturizer and let the lotion soak in before doing anything with your hands. Giving your skin a break from handwashing, manual labor, or any other chafing activity can help it heal and recover before another week of work.
  1. Protect your hands before, during, and after work. If your job requires that you wear gloves, be sure to do so. We’ve met many people who felt that wearing protective gloves was beneath them or caused them to be less efficient on-the-job. However, many skin difficulties can be prevented if you protect your skin as much as possible from workplace related injury - and from wind or sunburn before or after your workday.
Finding the right moisturizing solution for chronic skin conditions can be difficult - but it’s not impossible. If you have dry, chapped, calloused, or cracking hands be sure to try InfiniteAloe’s line of skincare products. We stand by our products with our satisfaction guarantee - and we have seen InfiniteAloe work for many people in professions ranging from doctors to cowboys.