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Cowboy Tested! Cowgirl Approved!

December is a really fun time of year for us.  In Las Vegas the largest Cowboy show is held at the Sands Convention Center for the first 12 days of the month.  Its known as "Cowboy Christmas."  For us, I guess you could call it "The 12 Days of Christmas!" Practically the entire company is at the show manning our two booths and having a great time.  Many customers return each year now to pick up their next load of InfiniteAloe(R) Skin Care Cream and of course there are many new customers who find out about us for the first time.  

Join us on our Facebook page at to view our photo album of the show; and, in my next post boy do I have one heck of a success story a customer just sent in to us.  It never ceases to amaze me the results people get from using our product.  Anything from anti-aging to unsightly skin conditions to dry, rough skin and even stretch marks, we get in some of the most remarkable stories from people around the globe.  

We even get successes from people using InfiniteAloe on their horses!  Be on the lookout for more about this subject in the very near future.  Take care for now!  Ella

Selling at the Booth