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Eco-Fashion for Eczema Sufferers

Going Green Doesn't Mean You Have To Give Up The Glam

Question: What is in contact with your skin most often, and may worsen eczema?

Answer: Your clothes.

Wear Organically Grown, Natural Fibers

Eco-fashion has come of age. It's not only better for the environment, but it is also better for your skin.

It’s so simple, but we often forget that clothes what is most often in contact with our skin, day and night. Many people report that natural fibers help the skin to breathe and cause less irritation, while some people claim that polyester and such fabrics actually produce positive ions around the skin. (Negative ions are not ‘negative’ health-wise. They are what you breathe at the beach—relaxing, invigorating, good for your skin.) Whether or not it’s true that artificial fibers create a bath of the type of ions you don’t want around your skin, it makes sense that they inhibit air flow, and trap moisture and bacteria on your skin.

Many people also report that organically grown fibers are less irritating. Don’t try to replace all your clothes at once. Gradually buying new items, as you need them, means that you don’t have to spend a fortune to be a lot more comfortable. Look for classic pieces made of soft, non-scratchy fabrics such as organic bamboo, cotton, silk, linen and blends of these fibers Most people with sensitive skin need to stay away from wool, even the softest cashmere unfortunately, but there are great natural alternatives these days, spun from long-staple cotton or bamboo. I always recommend that you buy the basics first—T-shirts, pyjamas, and blouses, skirts and trousers for work that you’re likely to live in, and get fancier items later.

Use Super-Gentle Laundry Soap

Even though the detergent rinses out, if there is any residue at all, it can’t be a good idea to have formaldehydes and petrochemicals constantly in contact with your skin, can it? Not many people realize how toxic detergent can be. Health food stores and online retailers offer hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested laundry wash. Look for non-toxic and biodegradable soap with no phosphates, UV brighteners, dyes or perfumes. It’s better for the environment, too. The National Eczema Society recommends the Simply Pure range, which is from England. Some people swear by Dr Bronner’s soap (which is so mild you can brush your teeth with it). Charlie's Soap and ECOS brand also have their followers and there are many more great, healthy products out there to try.