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Eggs & Their Properties When Used in Masks

photo: MetalRiot

Coming soon are some more masks which use eggs.  Meantime here is some very great information as to their benefits for use in facial masks.

To begin, eggs contain a great deal of minerals in the yolk.

Eggs whites contain the ferment* lysozyme**, which kills micro-organisms which is important in cleansing of the skin's surface.  Eggs are also rich in lecithin, important for the metabolism, nourishment and regeneration of the nerve cells.  Eggs are beneficial for your skin for all of these reasons.  Masks using the yolk of the egg are better for dry skin, whereas masks using the egg white are for oily skin with bigger pores.  Egg masks nourish and smooth facial and neck skin and are recommended for those with dry, peeling and fading skin.[1]


* ferment in its form as a noun is an enzyme
** lysozyme is an enzyme that is destructive of bacteria and functions as an antiseptic, found in tears,leukocytes, mucus, egg albumin, and certain plants.

[1] Recipes of Cleopatra by Anahit Kazanjian