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  • Eggs & Their Properties When Used in Masks

    photo: MetalRiot Coming soon are some more masks which use eggs.  Meantime here is some very great information as to their benefits for use in facial masks. To begin, eggs contain a great deal of minerals in the yolk. Eggs whites contain the ferment* lysozyme**, which kills micro-organisms which is important in cleansing of the skin's surface.  Eggs are also rich in lecithin, important for the metabolism, nourishment and regenera... Read More
  • What's the Magic of Aloe?

    Have you ever wondered why Aloe Vera is so effective?  I know I have.  Here are some interesting findings about it. Nature's Treasure Chest Aloe vera is a veritable storehouse of nutritional compounds -- more than 75 have so far been identified by scientists.  This list of vitamins, mineral, enzymes and amino acids reads like a 'what's what' of nutrition. Researchers are continuing to study the plant to try to unlock its secret... Read More

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