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Facial Care...Tips for Using Masks

 Photo: Daniela Vladimirova

     In today's world we find very little talked about when it comes to how ancient beauties cared for their skin.  I doubt we ever really ask ourselves: "What did they do?" "How did they maintain a youthful appearance?" "What were their secrets?"  We rely on cleansers and creams that promise a better result.  I know this is how I've approached the subject most of my adult life.

     Yet also in today's world we have become more conscious of organic & natural products vs. chemically induced products; wanting to look more natural vs. heavily made up to "look good."  We seem to be willing to spend a bit more time caring for ourselves utilizing simple techniques that take no more time then going to the store, searching for the "best" cream that "promises" to make a difference, whatever that difference may be.
     Skin requires constant maintenance.  Healthy skin acts as an armor which protects against unhealthy microorganisms.  No one has been able to stop the aging process but it is very possible to slow it down.  The aging process first reflects on the face.  Because of this, the face requires special treatments, which will help you keep it fresh and young. [1]

     In translation from Greek, cosmetics mean 'the art of accessorising'.  This art of accessorising is thousands of years old.  From ancient times facial masks in cosmetics were highly regarded.  There are different masks for different skin types but they all share one purpose...to activate blood circulation and stimulate nourishment of the skin.  Many masks have healing qualities. They narrow pores, remove irritation, refine and cleanse the skin. [2]

     The people of ancient Egypt & Rome widely used plant oils, creams, tars, herb lotions, exotic oils, and much more to to refine skin, remove pigmented spots & other defects.  Egypt is regarded as the origin of cosmetics.  For example, Cleopatra used herb lotions, bleached her face with milk products, nourished skin with berry juices, and smoothed wrinkles with masks from eggs. [3]

 Some Simple Tips for Using Masks:
-- If you have wide facial blood vessels, avoid using masks with honey.
-- If you have allergic reactions to certain foods, herbs or ingredients, avoid using masks containing those items.
-- Buy your ingredients in ecologically conscious stores.
-- Use only fresh ingredients.
-- Prepare your mask and use it right away.  Don't store leftovers.  They won't be as effective as when they are first made.
-- If you have lesions, cuts, scratches avoid applying the mask over these areas.  Leave these areas untouched.


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