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Grammys, SAG Awards, Golden Globes

Lupia Nyong'o

It’s Award Season. It's red carpet frenzy here in Hollywood, escalating to the Oscars on March 2.

As one might expect, the fashion flaunted at the Grammys ranged from the funky to the ultra-chic, while the dresses worn at the SAG Awards and Golden Globes tended to be more classic.

Classic lines on these talented actresses - SAG awards.

If the clothes we’ve been seeing on the red carpet are any indication of what’s to come, what should we expect this spring? I predict a lot of metallics, strong colors, the return of pink—especially in combination with grey—and classic silhouettes with slim lines (with an exception for full skirts, which are hot on the runway).   

Above, the dynamic Rita Morena, age 81, shows us all how it's done.

Rita Moreno’s delighted acceptance of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Since we seem to be channeling the ‘80’s with a modern twist, heavily embellished clothes—think lace, beads, embroidery, and studs,  along with bigger hair (we love volume!) and colorful shoes are back.

I love Lupita's fearless use of color. So much more vibrant than the LBD.

Be inspired!

These are trends to enjoy all spring and summer.