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Healing Aloe

  • Living Free from Acne – Part IV

    Back by popular demand, this is the fourth in our series on educating yourself about acne treatments. Sulfur masks are popular for treating acne and refining the skin. Sulfur is used as a medicine for rosacea, dermatitis and other conditions, and is available in both prescription medications and over-the-counter products. MSM, a type of organic sulfur, is one of the important ingredients in InfiniteAloe Skin Care. WebMD ... Read More
  • Wonderous Aloe

    photo: Genesta This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.   Not all aloe is the same. The many specie are so varied put together it looks like the imaginative bar scene in Star Wars. Aloe is a genus with over 200 species, or 400, depending on who you talk to. The most popular of these is barbadensis Miller aloe, popularly called aloe vera. Actually, only 4 of the types are most popular and the rest are apparently best k... Read More
  • Healing Herbs and Aloe

    Photo: epsos.de This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel. When a child, mother took me with her to the apothecary to fill a doctor's prescription. The pharmacist made the medicine on the spot, of herbs from 3 jars on his shelves. It was mortar and pestle, mixture loaded into capsules and a small bottle, labeled. Next in time came combinations of natural substances prepackaged. Discovering that the substances could be chemi... Read More

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