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Healing Herbs and Aloe

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This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.

When a child, mother took me with her to the apothecary to fill a doctor's prescription. The pharmacist made the medicine on the spot, of herbs from 3 jars on his shelves. It was mortar and pestle, mixture loaded into capsules and a small bottle, labeled.

Next in time came combinations of natural substances prepackaged. Discovering that the substances could be chemically formulated, big money was right around the corner. Evidently, the herbal Pharmacist wasn't sufficiently greedy.

Throughout the history of man he has used herbal medicines to heal what ails him. Only in the past half century has the race of the pharmaceutical industry been to replace all of the natural medicines with drugs and chemical concoctions. Are we better off for it? Nyet.

Now we have elaborate clinical testing with triple blind studies to support the premise of these unnatural chemicals. We like to think that the longest running field test of a medicinal remedy has been the multi-thousands of years of aloe vera. The best names have been talking about it: Christopher Columbus, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, and King Tut.

The healing power of the herb aloe vera attributes in the main to two vital ingredients:

     -- Glucomannan (simply put, plant sugars), stimulates growth of healing cells.
     -- Gibberellins (plant hormones), speeds up cell reproduction.
Viable growth! To the devil with the recession.

The combined activity of its composition gives the herb the powerful healing action it is well known for. Been there, done that, for well over 5000 years. That's a lot longer than Coca Cola. And imagine, all without an advertising budget.

Given little more than word of mouth, aloe outlives civilizations, standing out as a preferred medicinal herb without any marketing to speak of. Well, there was a little advertising, the pictures of aloe on ancient Egyptian Temple walls.

Good exposure there, a lot of mileage for the budget.

Robert L. Gisel is a Professor, writes at the blog site Who Would Write, and works for Ultimate Creations, Inc, the manufacturer of Infinite Aloe.