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Living Free from Acne – Part IV

Back by popular demand, this is the fourth in our series on educating yourself about acne treatments.

Sulfur masks are popular for treating acne and refining the skin. Sulfur is used as a medicine for rosacea, dermatitis and other conditions, and is available in both prescription medications and over-the-counter products. MSM, a type of organic sulfur, is one of the important ingredients in InfiniteAloe Skin Care.

WebMD points out that MSM is a natural chemical found in the human body. It also states that MSM is used to treat a variety of conditions, such as inflammation, scar tissue, wrinkles, stretch marks, cuts and abrasions. Sulfur also helps to decrease skin oiliness, and prevents pore blockage, two essential aspects of skin care for acne. Sulfur by itself is very drying, however, so it should be combined with good moisturizers that are non-comedogenic (non pore-blocking).

Another factor in treating acne is being consistent. No treatment will work if you forget to apply it sometimes, or shift from therapy to therapy in a desperate effort to be rid of those spots instantly. Use common sense and give each one time to work—don’t let your feeling of urgency lead you to use harsh remedies that may damage your skin in the long term, or abandon a treatment that may be working. Patience and good health habits, such as eating fresh fruits and veggies, and drinking plenty of water, add up to better, clearer skin.

Did you miss the earlier parts of Living Free From Acne? Here they are.

In Part I, we discussed topical antibiotic and retinoid ointments, as well as the 2,000 studies done on Aloe Vera showing that it has important healing properties for the skin and is clinically demonstrated to speed healing time of skin problems.

In Part II,  we covered conventional treatments such as antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide, heat therapy to kill the acne-causing bacteria, as well as microdermabrasion to remove light scarring.

In Part III,  we talked about home care for acne, and traditional Ayurvedic remedies such as Turmeric, Manjistha and using gentle Neem oil soap.

Please remember, this information is provided only for educational purposes and you should seek professional advice to help you decide on the best course of treatment in your particular case. Good luck and best wishes in your quest to live free from acne.