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Looking Back – Top 13 of 2013

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Every year, we hear hundreds of success stories from people, many of which never get written down. Here are a handful of the best stories I know about—if you know of one, please share!

1. Great results on eye bags
I have used this for a year now. It is WONDERFUL, it evens out your skin tone, tightens, and I have even started using it on my eye bags and have seen great results. It’s the only cream I use now on my face and if you buy the 8oz it’s a huge savings.

2. Best scrub ever
Gentle, yet thoroughly cleans and brighten the skin. Does wonders for removing dead skin cells and deals effectively with blackheads. Will not dry out or irritate the skin. Use it with the InfiniteAloe moisturizer and you will be amazed how bright, soft and clear your skin will look. I promise, you will never need anything but these two products, they are fantastic!

3. Acne and acne scars – you get results!
I have had acne and acne scars for about 2 years. I received a sample of this lotion in the mail and I began to try it for a week until it was done and oh my goodness my skin began to clear up rapidly! So I decided to buy the jar and so far I've used it for a month and it has definitely shown results! My scars are going away and I basically don’t have any pimples left. :) My skin is unbalanced (oily/dry) but it works great for anyone! Even though this product is a bit pricey, I highly suggest buying this product! You get results!

4. My skin is less wrinkled
I have used this product before several years ago and ran out of it for a year or so and NOTHING compares. I tried all kinds of lotions and creams and was so desperate to go back I could not wait for the Women's Expo this year to purchase. The truth is…my skin is hydrated and less wrinkled and no chaffed hands!! I use it on my face, hands and it feels so wonderful. I will never go without it again!!

5. Cleared up eczema
This product did a good job of clearing up most of my husband’s eczema. It worked very well. He had tried cortisone creams and they did not work as well.

6. I thought I had to live with it…
I'm a nurse, and wash my hands 50 times a day. My hands were dry and rough, and I used all kind of creams before, which never helped much. I though I had to live with it, until I found InfiniteAloe. It keeps working under the surface of the skin, so for the first time, my hands are soft, smooth.

7. The only thing that has ever taken my eczema away
This is the best lotion I have ever used and the only thing that has taken my eczema away! I feel like I owe you the world. Thank you so much!

8. I have tried the most expensive…
Awesome body and face creme! One of the best I have ever used. Provides a protective base on my skin that is long lasting and moisture providing. I have tried the most expensive and some less expensive cremes in my time, however, this will now be my forever choice. Delivery time was awesome, and 2 smaller samples come with the large jar. Rush buy it!

9. The scrub helped tremendously with acne
This has helped me tremendously. I struggled with acne in the past and tried Proactiv and Neutrogena but could not find something that worked consistently or did not cause some allergic or irritated reaction. I am also pregnant, so this facial scrub passes the non-chemical issue of the product. I love it and use it daily. It has a moderate "grit" or scrub beads as they’re called to not harm the skin.

10. The only cream…
The best and only skin cream that cures my facial skin peeling and makes your skin feel smooth. I highly recommend for all skin conditions.

11. My skin feels tighter, brighter and younger
I love the way the cream absorbs into my face, leaving is smooth and soft. Using both the cream and scrub, my skin feels tighter, brighter and younger. I’ve spent a lot of money on creams and I love InfiniteAloe better than any other I’ve tried.
12. Windburn and sunburn
Recently, my friend and I got windburned and sunburned, even though we slathered on sunscreen each morning. My friend had this cream with her and offered it to me to try. Really soothed the wind and sunburn, and each morning, my skin looked and felt "back to normal". I was a believer...bought myself a big jar and now use it every night.

13. Very dry feet
My feet have always been very dry, to the point they can rip the heels of my socks. I lotion, file, and buff them. Well, actually I DID do those things. This lotion is amazing! With just a little each night, my feet are pretty normal. No more embarrassing thick heels. No more scratching my husband with my foot calluses!