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My Skin Will React Horrifyingly Quickly...

photo: Alex E. Proimos

New review:

I'm absolutely in love with this lotion. The best thing about it, it seals in moisture and it’s all natural. My skin could easily be considered extremely sensitive! My skin retaliates with dryness, redness, sensitivity, and sometimes pimples when it comes to finding a lotion, it will react horrifyingly quickly when trying new products. 

I have combination skin and it’s very frustrating to find a lotion that works. I need moisture and oil free and natural (I mean for real all natural and not chemical pretend natural), many products can only do one or the other for your skin even if they say they can do more they DON'T.

Infinite Aloe has won me and I thank the world my friend that introduced me to this product. I use it daily and my skin is "WOW!" with softness and silk smooth. It's been three weeks and no bad reaction, a sign from heaven that this product is the real deal! My boyfriend loves it too, he always strokes my skin asking how did I get such soft skin. I give this product 10 stars!!!!

-S.W., Venice, CA