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Okay...Now let this Success Story Blow Your Socks Off!

(Aloe photo by ruurmo)

People can easily contact us on our website for any reason, be it a request, feedback of any kind, a real life success story from using the product, a question or whatever is on your mind; it is easy to reach us.  I see all incoming reaches from customers, and even non-customers curious about the product.  (Just be aware of the fact our Customer Service Manager isn't there on the weekends to tend to the contact forms!)  In any case, today I was reviewing what came in and was very happy to see this woman's success story.  It made my day, and hopefully it will make yours just reading what she had to say. 

"I was shopping in a mall in Vegas and was stopped by a woman who wanted to tell me about her product. The minute she mentioned aloe cream, I was interested.  Against the suggestion of my daughter, I bought the cream and am very glad I did.  My 86 year old mother has been suffering from hemorrhoids so bad she had to take baths sometimes in the middle of the night.  She began using the cream and it started working from the first application. It took about 6 months before she really forgot she had a problem.  My husband has diabetes and uses it for the dry skin patches that pop up.  I have four daughters and each one uses it.  One uses it for diaper rash, mosquito bites and rashes for her children.  The youngest daughter breaks out in rashes due to stress and immediately uses her cream to ease the itching and clear up the rash.  Daughter # 2 uses it on her skin to avoid stretch marks - she's pregnant.  And the daughter who warned me not to buy it - her boyfriend got a rash that wouldn't go away.  The doctor prescribed a medication that without insurance would cost $170.  I offered her the cream, he took it, got relief right away and in a short time the rash was gone.  And finally me, I had a liver spot on my cheek bone the size of a quarter.  I started using the cream on my face as a moisturizer at night and one day I realized the spot had disappeared.  I am very happy with Infinite Aloe, I have purchased my second order and if money permits hope to purchase one of your specials. Thanks for a great product." -- LRD, Redondo Beach, CA.

Maybe our product appears to cost a bit more, or so it seems, but if you can eliminate the need for all the creams you have stuffed in your cabinets you'll save a ton!  This cream works from your head to your toes and for so many things, when you take the cost of all the products you've bought and no longer use and use one product, InfiniteAloe(R) Skin Care, you are saving a huge amount of money.  And because this cream is a light non-greasy formula, a small amount goes a long way!  InfiniteAloe penetrates into the skin and keeps it moisturized all day long!  So, expensive?  Or higher priced than your drug store creams?  No way...one cream...great results!  

Note that the above is real success story and others' results may differ. By sharing this success with you, we are not giving medical advice, and if you have any condition about which you are concerned, you should see a medical doctor.