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  • Join Us at the BeWell Expo

    Photo: BeWell Expo The BeWell Expo is an active environment created to directly engage people with beauty and wellness experts, offering clear and simple answers. BeWell says that after 20 years experience in the skin care and spas, it became clear that too many people receive conflicting information about their beauty, wellness and health through the media, which does not address all of their inquiries. The friendly skin experts a... Read More
  • Trendy Hair For Parties and Every Day

    I’ve been seeing so many great-looking braids and updos—both chic and smooth, and tousled and messy—that I was inspired to try some new braids and updos for myself. Some of these styles are good for work and everyday, with just enough of an unusual touch to take one straight to the evening. This mermaid braid looks harder than it actually is, and you can augment your tresses with a few clip-on extensions if you want. The sty... Read More
  • Fall and Winter Trends

    Above: Givenchy Tote Bag. Photo: Elle Now that both New York and London Fashion Week are over, it’s time to sort out the strongest, most wearable trends—from pony tails and braids, retro-classics (channeling Mad Men) to ultra-feminine tailored jackets.  Autumn Hair Trends - Elle Magazine  I've been experimenting with a lot of the new updos and fancy braids.  Soon, we’ll be featuring a few of my favorite hair tut... Read More
  • We're Really Getting Noticed Lately!

    photo: loelle  InfiniteAloe SkinCare is becoming more popular!  See us on The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV, September 11, 2012 at 7 a.m. Or view the show any time later on ... Read More
  • Tune In To The Balancing Act

    See us on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime TV. InfiniteAloe® Advanced Formula Skin Care products will be featured in a four part mini-series as part of “My Health and Wellness.” Episode topics will include: “Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Healthy Hydrated Skin!” to “Skintervention, Getting Your Skin Back in Shape.” Special guests Jason Toms, President and Lisa Savage from Infinite Aloe® will share with viewers info... Read More
  • Dry Skin Resolved!

    "I have such dry skin that I was continually, during the day, putting on additional lotion..." ... Read More
  • InfiniteAloe for Men

    InfiniteAloe for Men - The best home videos are here "I won't shave with anything else."... Read More
  • The Stings of Summer

    photo by Jason Jones The Stings of Summer  Having returned from a number of lovely hikes this summer with itchy bug bites, I thought you might like to know that InfiniteAloe is a secret weapon against stings and bites. Here is one letter we received: I had many flea bites on my leg from the beach, and they were very red and swollen. I put the Aloe Cream on them and the itching went away immediately. It also helped them he... Read More
  • Skin Cancer Study, Except That...

    photo:jiri hodan This release just came out from Reuters saying: "In a new study from Denmark, people who had taken aspirin, ibuprofen and related painkillers -- especially in high doses and for years at a time -- were less likely to get skin cancer..." This is so wrong! Does anybody believe that stuff?Then it says a few paragraphs later that in the study these drugs showed an increased risk of kidney cancer and bleeding risks. So maybe... Read More
  • What To Do This Summer...

    photo: paulo campos “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” That is a favorite song of mine. Summer is coming out and so are my fun-in-the-sun activities.  When you are out enjoying the season remember that aloe vera protects your skin from damage by ultra violet rays. This is because it is so rich in antioxidants and rids the skin of free radicals, plus it is a terrifically good moisturizer. Use InfiniteAloe Skin Care so the ... Read More

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