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  • Folk Medicines Are Usually Real Medicines

    I found this to be an interesting perspective on the subject of Folk Medicines..... Folk medicines which are passed down by generations of grandmothers all over the world, are rarely found to be ineffective as remedies when they are properly and fully investigated by modern medical science.  This knowledge of medicines is not something generated by chance, nor is it the result of any body's vague whim or fancy.  Rather, it is the di... Read More
  • Wonderous Aloe

    photo: Genesta This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.   Not all aloe is the same. The many specie are so varied put together it looks like the imaginative bar scene in Star Wars. Aloe is a genus with over 200 species, or 400, depending on who you talk to. The most popular of these is barbadensis Miller aloe, popularly called aloe vera. Actually, only 4 of the types are most popular and the rest are apparently best k... Read More
  • Tired Skin

    photo: This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.   Why can't our skin remain youthful forever, all the while we age, without having to jump through hoops like lions at a circus? Did we sign up for this? The body's heritage is simple minded survival. If you are not going to live very long because the saber tooth tigers are far too dominating, the body needs to grow up fast, but the body doesn't want to invest overly... Read More
  • The Downside of Free Radicals

    Photo: Juan Buhler This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.   So, what's wrong with free radicals running around in your skin? Isn't that like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the boys before the grand finale? Evidently not all free radicals are good. There was this fellow named Lenin, Vladimir, not John, and his buddy Karl Marx. And there was that guy named Heil Hitler. Think destructive. Discussing free radic... Read More
  • Handling Acne

    Photo: Dawn Ashley This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel. Heavens, couldn't we do without acne! Still, it can be a problem that demands a fast handling for the self-esteem. If ever there was a complicated subject for something so contemporary, this is it. There are volumes on the subject, abounding with scientific names and in-depth discussions backed by gory pictures. Professionals of sorts have their take on it. Neverthel... Read More
  • The Largest Organ

    Photo: mait juriado This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel "The skin also has a rich life as an endocrine organ, manufacturing hormones like vitamin D for the rest of the body, and steroids and thyroid hormone for its own use." Bernadine Healy, M.D. The skin is the largest organ in the body. Can you believe that? One thinks of organs as the liver, kidneys, those giblets inside the body. The skin as an organ, however, just ha... Read More
  • Healing Herbs and Aloe

    Photo: This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel. When a child, mother took me with her to the apothecary to fill a doctor's prescription. The pharmacist made the medicine on the spot, of herbs from 3 jars on his shelves. It was mortar and pestle, mixture loaded into capsules and a small bottle, labeled. Next in time came combinations of natural substances prepackaged. Discovering that the substances could be chemi... Read More
  • Bugs and Bites

    Photo: aussiegall This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel It's summer time, let's get out and rub elbows with nature. Don't forget to bring back some bite marks from the mosquitoes, fleas and ticks as a badge of proof you have not been a hermit. Just goes with the fun, right? That is until along comes that irritating itch, and the red bumps, and maybe a bit of the bug the bugs are infected with, all of which needs a quick handl... Read More
  • What To Do About Sunscreens and Sunblocks

    Photo: Kelly Sue This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel Which way? Which way? says Alice. Certainly you do not want to turn into one of those gross images used to illustrate the articles on sunburn. There is a paradox in using sun screens and blocks to to mediate the sun's radiation. These can open the door to some types of cancer even while preventing others. How we made it through thousands of years without the great te... Read More
  • I Love Customer Feedback!

    photo: pictr 30D I love it when customers send us feedback about InfiniteAloe Skin Care. Here is a great real story from a man in construction who sent us his feedback. "I've been trying many hands creams for years on end, some of them through prescription.  The [InfiniteAloe] Advanced Formula Skin Care cream has done wonders for my hands, before the use to crack in between or near my nails, working construction my hands have ... Read More

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