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  • An Aloe History Lesson

    Venus de Milo - photo by Slices of Light The origins of Aloe go as far back as the Sumerians, evidenced by recorded history dating back to 1700BC located on the Sumerian Clay Tablets.  Aloe and its benefits migrated around the world throughout many of the ancient civilizations.  The Sumerian civilization is the oldest civilization, as far as recorded history shows, and was located at the confluence of the rivers Tigris and Euphra... Read More
  • Eggs & Their Properties When Used in Masks

    photo: MetalRiot Coming soon are some more masks which use eggs.  Meantime here is some very great information as to their benefits for use in facial masks. To begin, eggs contain a great deal of minerals in the yolk. Eggs whites contain the ferment* lysozyme**, which kills micro-organisms which is important in cleansing of the skin's surface.  Eggs are also rich in lecithin, important for the metabolism, nourishment and regenera... Read More
  • An Interesting Take on Healing with Aloe Vera

    Rash - photo by ClintJCL I have many references on the subject of Aloe Vera.  Having just run across this one, I thought it very useful and educational and therefore I wanted to share it. The chapter this is taken from is 'Treating the Skin with Aloe Vera' "As the largest organ in the human body, the skin accounts for 16 percent of the body's total weight.  In a male of average size the surface area of his skin measures over 2,800... Read More
  • Are Your Hands Baby Soft?

    Photo: Kudaker Do you have a profession or hobby that’s tough on your hands? I feel fortunate to have received great letters from people who finally got relief from rough, dry hands. Letters from construction workers, mothers, and cooks. Nurses—whose hands take a beating from being washed about a hundred times a day. People who love to ride horses, garden, play sports…they’ve all told me how much softer, smoother and more comfortable... Read More
  • Stretch Marks Are Slowly Disappearing

    Christy Scherrer "All my life I thought I was stuck with my stretch marks. I didn't believe or never believed that I’d find something like this that would take them away. I have been using it since December and they are slowly disappearing. Great and wonderful product!" ~ET Often we’re told nothing can help get rid of stretch marks, which can be caused not only by pregnancy but also by sudden weight gain or growth, such as through body... Read More
  • Its Spring!

    photo by Paulino A. R. Filho We are in the early stages of Spring.  A time where not only do flowers bloom, but so do bugs! InfiniteAloe Skin Care can and should be used in place of other ointments and treatments for the "itchies" which come about from mosquito bites, bee stings, and any other bug bite you can imagine.  It removes the itchiness almost immediately and works on healing at the same time.  The same applies f... Read More
  • The Symbolism of Aloe

    I found a very interesting quote from one of my many research books on the subject of Aloe.  This quote is about the "symbolism" of aloe. "Aloe has been associated with a certain somewhat mysterious symbolism associated with its extraordinary powers to heal.  The plant has a very distinctive symbolic association with embalming, enduring life, immortality and the boundary between life and death.  It has also been noted that the A... Read More
  • 'Honey Water' as a Great Way To Soften & Nourish Skin

    photo: funkyah For soft, refreshed skin, here is another way to use nature's abundance. On an earlier blog post, I covered how honey has been used as a healing and rejuvenating agent from long ago.  Up to 3500 years ago by the ancient Egyptians, in fact. Here are a few more mask recipes which use honey to cleanse, nourish and regulate water balance. As a cleanser use 1 tablespoon of honey to 2 glasses of warm water.  Us... Read More
  • InfiniteAloe Helps Nurses Keep Their Skin Soft and Supple

    In all my years in the beauty product industry, I've yet to see a product that gets such great results until InfiniteAloe® came along.  I know I boast about it, but it is because of the great results I see time and again from people volunteering their successes to us.  Here is a great success from a fan of InfiniteAloe Skin Care. "I have used InfiniteAloe for the last two years.  I purchased it at the Open Market in Ancho... Read More
  • Aloe Vera - Nature's Silent Healer

    photo: minwoo I have a lot of books on the subject of Aloe Vera and found a great piece of information I'm going to share here.  But first I'd like to bring into view a simple handling for a burn which was taught to me a long time ago, long before I ever knew about InfiniteAloe, or even the magic of Aloe Vera. Sometimes in the kitchen we grab a pot or touch something that burns.  A quick remedy is to put milk on the burn right aw... Read More

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