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  • If InfiniteAloe Skin Care Were a Person, What Type of Person Would it Be?

         What a GREAT question!  I would have never thought of it until I read a similar question in another article.  So I decided to ask myself....If InfiniteAloe Skin Care were a person, what type of person would it be?      The first thought I had was well, it's creamy and creamy can mean soft, smooth, silky, luscious, rich.  Now how do you translate that into a personality?  Its taken some thoug... Read More
  • A Great Way to Stimulate Facial Skin

    Photo credit: Dennis Wong Homemade masks made with natural ingredients are not only simple, but great to ensure you spend some time relaxing.  When doing a mask, make sure to take the time to relax while it's on your face.  Take a nap or just lay down and rest.  Let the mask do the work for you. For stimulating the metabolism in skin cells, this mask is prepared from cucumbers, squash and watermelon.  To prepare, m... Read More
  • Christopher Columbus Had Something to Say About Aloe.....

    by lululemon athletica I found this great quote from Christopher Columbus... "Four vegetables are indispensable for the well being of man: Wheat, the grape, the olive and aloe. The first nourishes him, the second raises his spirit, The third bring him harmony, and the fourth cures him. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Now today we can not promote Aloe as a "cure", so we don't.  Quoting Alasdair Barcroft & Dr Audun Myskja, Aloe Ve... Read More
  • Genlux Magazine

    The following article was written by Cheryl Woodcock, from Genlux Magazine with no prompting from us!  Here is the article.  Enjoy! Fabulous & Infinite Aloe ~~ by Cheryl Woodcock - 07 March 2011 I recently discovered the most amazing cream.  It has an ingredient we all know and have cherished for centuries - however, combined with other wonderful healthy products it creates sheer beauty on the skin.  Read on Genlux... Read More
  • What's the Magic of Aloe?

    Have you ever wondered why Aloe Vera is so effective?  I know I have.  Here are some interesting findings about it. Nature's Treasure Chest Aloe vera is a veritable storehouse of nutritional compounds -- more than 75 have so far been identified by scientists.  This list of vitamins, mineral, enzymes and amino acids reads like a 'what's what' of nutrition. Researchers are continuing to study the plant to try to unlock its secret... Read More
  • InfiniteAloe Scrub....Yummy!

    photo: chapendra InfiniteAloe's® Scrub is extraordinary.  It has a mild mint scent, and it leaves your skin so silky afterward. Having used many skin scrubs, sea salt scrubs and body washes, I have never experienced the result and feel of silkiness that this scrub leaves you with.  Its versatility allows you to use it on your face, as well as your entire body.  What brought me to write about it is a recent Real Sto... Read More
  • Apple Masks Are A GREAT Cosmetic for All Skin Types

    Photo credit: Loca Luna Apples...a fruit we enjoy eating by itself, or in Pies, and most definitely in our mom's famous Apple Crisps!  But did you know they are very beneficial as masks for refreshing and rejuvenating the facial skin?*  Well...they are! Here are some extraordinarily simple Apple masks.  It couldn't get any easier! -- Mask 1:  Grated peels apples are smoothed over the face; rinse after ... Read More
  • InfiniteAloe® Skin Care for Men

         Of our hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, one third are men.      This is because InfiniteAloe Skin Care is simple and effective -- the two main reasons men choose our Aloe Vera skin cream.      Many use InfiniteAloe as a moisturizing cream to sooth and bring relief to damaged rough, calloused or cracked skin. It softens but also feeds the skin with nutrients that he... Read More
  • How to Make Extracts for Use in Your Facial Masks

     photo credit: digital photogrfix      When you are going to use masks, you may be required to add an extract or use the extract before or after the mask.  Making extracts is easy.  Here is all you need to do.....       Pour boiling water over finely chopped herbs, flowers and continue on boiling the mixture on a small flame for 5-15 minutes.   Remove it from the flame with the lid on, ... Read More
  • More on Facial Masks...

     (Self-photo by bookgrl) The biologically active ingredients used in making masks have stimulating, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory effects. The agents cleanse the skin, activate the skin's metabolism, open up the pores, increase blood circulation, renovate & nourish skin. -- In young women a mask will preserve the freshness of skin, clean and decrease oiliness. -- For older women, a mask will soften, refresh & tone dry skin.... Read More

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