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  • Facial Care...Tips for Using Masks

     Photo: Daniela Vladimirova      In today's world we find very little talked about when it comes to how ancient beauties cared for their skin.  I doubt we ever really ask ourselves: "What did they do?" "How did they maintain a youthful appearance?" "What were their secrets?"  We rely on cleansers and creams that promise a better result.  I know this is how I've approached the subject most of my adult life... Read More
  • Valentine’s Day Giveaway

    (This is an example - the winner will get the name and birthstone of their choice)  The Prize One lucky winner will get a sterling silver heart necklace personalized with the name and birthstone of your choice, plus an 8 oz jar of InfiniteAloe, a 4 oz jar of Scrub, and two travel size jars. (The big jar of InfiniteAloe comes in your choice of unscented, original jasmine fragrance or special edition musk scent.) Easy to Enter ... Read More
  • Eight Reasons Why InfiniteAloe Skin Care is Different.....

      Photo: Mary We take great pride in offering InfiniteAloe Skin Care because we know it is different from most face and body creams.  So what makes it different?  Why do we have so much pride in our product?  Are we vain?...No.  Are we prejudiced?...Maybe somewhat.....just a little bit.  The other questions get answered by the simple fact that we have seen so many spectacular results (and we all use it ourselves so we know how great i... Read More
  • Words from a New Customer & Her Daughter

    Mother and Daughter. Photo: rentamoose    InfiniteAloe Skin Care has been around now since 1989.  The company started out distributing the product at Kiosks in Malls around the country and still does in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood.  It then branched out into doing Trade Shows around the country, then onto the internet and continues to this day.  About 14 months ago, we began appearing in Sam's Clubs throughou... Read More
  • Never Have Dry Skin Again

    Photo credit: Rubyblossom Dry skin can crack, take a beating from wind and sun (or even indoor heating) and generally look dull and unattractive. InfiniteAloe (R) to the rescue! See what people are saying:My name is Lily and I had this skin condition for the past 5 years. My skin got very dry sometimes and itchy, and this is the best cream that I have been using so far, and I tried lots of them. After one week my skin cleared up completely. I ... Read More
  • It's so Popular, We're EXTENDING Our Best Holiday Special Another 2 Weeks!

    We'll match every $50 you spend on InfiniteAloe SkinCare with a FREE Scrub & of course FREE Travel Jars!   Find Relief for Dry, Cracked Winter Skin  Only the wicked Snow Queen looks good in winter. The rest of us suffer painful, cracked hands, dry, chapped peeling patches or wrinkles years before we deserve it. Poor quality skin treatments only make extremely dry skin and eczema flare-ups even worse. You can have hea... Read More
  • Dry, Chapped Skin During the Cold Winter Months

     Photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer As much as we'd rather not admit it, most of us feel greater confidence and sense of self-satisfaction when our skin is soft, smooth and radiant. Dry, chapped skin and hands can leave anyone feeling a little down, especially when the skin has become raw, red and painful, especially during these very cold winter months. The Most Common Causes of Dry, Chapped Skin or Weather-Beaten Skin Exposure to wi... Read More
  • A Real Success Story From A Real Psoriasis Patient

      (Photo by Mysiana) Aggravating and painful, psoriasis can cause embarrassment and even shame. I am fortunate because I get to read great stories from people using Infinite Aloe Skin Care on their psoriasis. I have acne on my forehead and I tend to breakout on my back. I've seen many dermatologists for my skin condition and I have never achieved as fast results as with your skin cream. From the first time of usage I noticed a difference... Read More
  • 2011 Countdown Special

    Just 3 Days Left! We'll match every $50 you spend on Infinite Aloe Skin Care products with a FREE scrub! Enter the promotion code below into the shopping cart and click "APPLY" to receive your FREE scrubs. Promotion Code: FREESCRUBS Click HERE or call 1-888-LUV-ALOE (1-888-588-2563) Cannot be combined with other specials or offers except the $150 Seasonal Special. For questions, please call us. ... Read More
  • Okay...Now let this Success Story Blow Your Socks Off!

    (Aloe photo by ruurmo) People can easily contact us on our website for any reason, be it a request, feedback of any kind, a real life success story from using the product, a question or whatever is on your mind; it is easy to reach us.  I see all incoming reaches from customers, and even non-customers curious about the product.  (Just be aware of the fact our Customer Service Manager isn't there on the weekends to tend to the contact ... Read More

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