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  • From Water to Natural Aloe Cream: 5 Effective Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

    People spend roughly 86 billion dollars on beauty and personal care products every year. The reason for that immense amount of spending is two-fold. First, people want to look their best, particularly as they age, and are willing to invest in achieving a fresh and youthful complexion. Second, in today's crowded beauty product market, it's hard to find solutions that actually work. This prompts people to spend an immense amount of mon... Read More
  • Aloe Skin Care and More| 5 Essential Tips to Beat Winter Dry Skin

    Does the winter air leave your skin feeling reptilian? Many people suffer from dry, cracked skin during the winter months, due to lower humidity levels and harsh, dry, frigid air that sucks the moisture from your skin. This creates a dry, tight, and flaky appearance. No worries. Aloe skin care and other moisturizing methods will revitalize your skin to make it feel soft and supple despite the weather. 5 Tips to Keeping Your Skin Moisturi... Read More
  • Rosehips: An Unexpected Key to Youthful Skin

    InfiniteAloe skin care products use rosehips as one of our vital anti-aging ingredients. For centuries, roses have created soft, luscious scents, represented love and kept women's skin beautiful. Rosehips are an even more powerful part of roses, used to keep skin elastic and soft. This wonderful botanical is the fruit of the rose plant. If you love roses, you have likely seen rosehips when all of the petals have fallen in late summer or fall. T... Read More
  • How to Get and Keep Your Chapped Skin Moisturized

    Dry, chapped skin can come from any number of situations. Some people have naturally dry skin, while others work outdoors and end up with windburn or abrasions that dry out because of the environment. Whatever the reason for your difficulty, we have provided an easy-to-follow “how to” guide for easing and moisturizing your dry and chapped skin. Quick and easy solutions for chapped skinWhen you work in a rough and tumble profession, the heal... Read More
  • What Does it Mean to be Cruelty-Free?

    All of the InfiniteAloe products carry the Leaping Bunny, cruelty-free logo. Not everyone goes out of their way to shop for cruelty-free products, and it may even surprise them that many modern cosmetic corporations still use cruel animal testing practices.100% No Animal TestingThe term “no animal testing” is a lot looser than you might think. For example, if you a buy a product that simply says it’s not been tested on animals, that doesn... Read More
  • InfiniteAloe is Coming to Italy!

    We are excited to announce that InfiniteAloe will be part of Cosmoprof Bologna in Italy! If you are in Italy or attending Cosmoprof, let us know! We would love to see you here.From March 17th through the 20th, you will be able to meet several of our wonderful staff at Cosmoprof Bologna, in the California Pavilion, Booth #30, D26-E25M. We will be able to answer any questions, take selfies with you, and we even have fun selfie signs that you can us... Read More
  • Deep Moisturizing for Chronic Hand Washing

    Many professions require consistent hand washing. Surgeons, doctors, dentists, chefs, and several food-related professions are likely the first people we think of when we assume anyone has to wash their hands consistently. But there are others who work with dangerous chemicals, or who are constantly working under harsh, dirty conditions - all of whom often need to wash up before using the restroom, and then again after they have finished, just ... Read More
  • Infinite Aloe: Gentle Enough for Everyone

    InfiniteAloe uses natural, gentle ingredients which work with a variety of skin types, from very sensitive skin types to extremely dry skin. Many mothers use our products to soothe common problems encountered by babies and children. These include cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema, fever blisters and more.Because of the many testimonials we have collected from parents and guardians telling us how their child’s rash or sunburn was eased using Inf... Read More
  • So You Think You Have Eczema?

    Is It Really Eczema? Do you suffer from an itchy rash that doesn’t go away, or if it does, it returns? Eczema is a term that covers several different types of skin inflammations, and diagnosing your condition correctly is the first step in better dealing with it. It has been estimated that a third of the population has had eczema at some time in their lives, often running in families and starting as a baby. How do you know if you have eczema?... Read More
  • October is Eczema Awareness Month

    We’re proud to support the National Eczema Association This month, the National Eczema Association has shared 5 tips for making life easier. They are simple but so important that we want to pass them on. Here are their recommendations: 1. The best way to get water into skin is to briefly soak in a bath or shower and to moisturize immediately afterwards. 2. Find activities that are relaxing and make time f... Read More

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