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  • I've been told I look as if I'm in my 20's....

    I faithfully use your skin cream on my face and hands every day. I've been told I look as if I'm in my 20's. In fact, I still get carded when I have a glass of wine. Actually I am 35 years old; my skin feels great and looks great! I recommend your skin cream to everyone! Try it. You'll love it too and look younger. ~W.E., Huntington, CA ... Read More
  • "I woke up and my skin was cleared up"

      "This product is amazing! "I tried everything for my face and nothing worked for me. I tried this product one night only and in the morning I woke up and my skin was cleared up. I don't use any other creams or lotions anymore. Just this product! I am so excited. Everybody should use it! I've come back for several more jars for my family."  ~L.R., Las Vegas, NV  ... Read More
  • 5 Beauty Tips For Autumn And Winter

    1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Both cold winds and central heating are terribly drying. Quality matters a great deal in moisturizer—after all, it’s absorbed into the skin, the body’s largest organ—so use a moisturizer with organic or all-natural ingredients. Within five minutes after bathing or showering, be sure to apply moisturizer to face, décolletage, elbows, feet and other spots that tend to get dry. (InfiniteAloe ... Read More
  • InfiniteAloe Skin Care fights against eczema and keeps skin moisturized

    It absorbs better than other creams, still feel it even though I wash my hands, do the dishes... ... Read More
  • Thank you so much for the healthier skin

    Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest building in the world) New Review: "It’s hard to find products to make my skin bloom..." "I tried lots of skin softeners, but only this product made my skin comfortable. I’m 42 years of age, living in Dubai. Because of the climate here in the Middle East, my skin was irritated from too much heat from the sun, which can cause allergic reactions due to other products that do not suit... Read More
  • I immediately knew it was the right product for me!

    New Review: Keeps my feet looking respectable while wearing sandals "I found this product at a show in Las Vegas this year - and immediately knew it was the right product for me!    "It smells great, is light (NOT greasy), is made out of a holistic botanical and makes my skin feel very soft. It has especially helped on my heels - to keep my feet looking respectable while wearing sandals. I appreciate the premise behind ... Read More
  • I am most grateful for this miracle product

    “Having moved to California nearly 23 years ago, I began spending more time in the sun, on golf courses, riding my bike, and enjoying all that the Southern California environment had to offer. After a couple years, I developed severe itching on my forearms and neck, areas most exposed to the sun. “Even with sunscreens used faithfully the problem did not go away. Finally and gratefully, I discovered Infinite Aloe skin cream an... Read More
  • A Common Food With Uncommon Benefits

    September marks apple harvest season and National Apple Month—so let’s celebrate the great health benefits apples offer. Here are just four of the many good things about nature’s “first powerfood.”   Weight Loss A lot of fiber and chewing satisfaction for a small amount of calories makes apples a good choice for many women who would like to lose weight. A Brazilian study suggests that women who ate an apple half an hour ... Read More
  • My Face Glows....Jilly's Review of InfiniteAloe

    "My Face Glows" Mother of a toddler and a busy writer, Jillian Fisher recently reviewed InfiniteAloe Advanced Formula Skin Care (original fragrance). She offers freebies and giveaways, recipes, and chooses a fan of the week on her blog. Visit Jilly's blog and subscribe for updates. ... Read More
  • Acne Medication - It’s Almost Like Playing Russian Roulette

    Julia suffered from acne for years and was very worried about having to take medication for it for the rest of her life.    She was aware of the bad publicity and possible links between some acne medications and arthritis, hepatitis and depression. But she didn’t have much choice.   It’s quite scary when you read newspaper reports about the medication you’re taking when the journalism is not only very neg... Read More

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