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  • Aloe Vera and Horses

    photo by Eduardo Amorim So many people have written us with success stories about InfiniteAloe and their horses, I thought this information might be of interest. A trial to see how Aloe Vera affects hoof growth showed an improvement of “a massive 42% as compared to the control group” and that the hoof that grew in horses fed with aloe vera was smoother and shinier (page 253-254, in Aloe Vera, Nature’s Silent Heal... Read More
  • Aloe Vera Is A Potent Growth Stimulator

    Photo: Jakob Montrasio Summer means more outdoor activities, which can mean more cuts and scrapes. I came across this interesting bit of information about Aloe Vera in a book co-written by a doctor.    “One of the principal qualities of aloe vera is that it is a potent growth stimulator. For example, when used on a cut or a burn, it penetrates below the wound and promotes healing from the inside out. …it helps to speed... Read More
  • My Skin Will React Horrifyingly Quickly...

    photo: Alex E. Proimos New review: I'm absolutely in love with this lotion. The best thing about it, it seals in moisture and it’s all natural. My skin could easily be considered extremely sensitive! My skin retaliates with dryness, redness, sensitivity, and sometimes pimples when it comes to finding a lotion, it will react horrifyingly quickly when trying new products.  I have combination skin and it’s very frustrating to... Read More
  • 3 Tips For Great Summer Skin

    by pink sherbert photography This season's skimpier clothing puts more of your skin on display than any other time of year, so be ready for fabulous summer skin! Exfoliate. A good scrub should be mild and moisturizing, as you slough off the thin layer of dead cells to reveal the smooth new skin underneath. InfiniteAloe Scrub is excellent for the face and body, but be extra gentle on the face. Always wet the skin first before using ... Read More
  • Living Free from Acne – Part IV

    Back by popular demand, this is the fourth in our series on educating yourself about acne treatments. Sulfur masks are popular for treating acne and refining the skin. Sulfur is used as a medicine for rosacea, dermatitis and other conditions, and is available in both prescription medications and over-the-counter products. MSM, a type of organic sulfur, is one of the important ingredients in InfiniteAloe Skin Care. WebMD ... Read More
  • Summer Skin Care

    Now that you’ve put away your winter clothes, what should you do to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy in summer? Did you know you can prepare your skin in advance for a holiday in the sun? Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist, says she wears sunscreen on her body every night for 2 or 3 weeks ahead of her vacation so the sunscreen can build up in the outermost layer of the skin, making her skin less likely to burn. A thicker ... Read More
  • Lazy Days of Summer and Sunscreen

    Now that the lazy days of summer are upon us, I am often asked about sunscreen. *DO* wear a hat and good sunscreen when you’re going out in order to avoid skin damage. So why doesn’t InfiniteAloe Sin Care contain sunscreen? Because InfiniteAloe has an extraordinary delivery system that gets the nutrients deep into your skin, while sunscreen needs to sit on top of the skin. Sunscreen should not absorb the way InfiniteAloe does. M... Read More
  • Lip Plumper Product Review

    Many of us want fuller, plumper lips. So I tried out an all-natural product called Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper. It was far gentler than other lip plumpers I’ve tried, and the effect lasted over an hour. There is a lot of buzz about Argan oil and pomegranate seed oil because of their outstanding beautifying properties, so I was pleased to find out that Envyderm packs in these lovely oils.   Other plumpers I’ve u... Read More
  • Living Free From Acne - Part III

    This is the third in our four-part series on acne. Acne can be mild or it can be severe and emotionally debilitating. To be looking forward to a special day (or evening) out and wake up with pimples that came from nowhere is dreadful…but you are not alone. Acne affects millions of people every day.    To take control of your skin, it’s a good idea to find out all you can about the causes and treatments for acne. You m... Read More
  • 5-Minute Updo for Medium Length Hair

    This classic updo is great for summer, as it's cool and fresh-looking.  If you skip the face-framing twists, which are a really pretty option, this updo literally takes under than 5 minutes to do. Even with those attractive twists, it takes only 10 minutes and stays looking good all day.  ... Read More

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