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  • Living Free from Acne - Part II

    Photo: Mait Juriado Acne is a huge problem for millions of people, so we are examining some of the solutions for it. It takes a toll on self-confidence and can make people feel shy and awkward in social situations, such as meeting new people or interviewing for a new job. Benzoyl Peroxide Many say that this treatment is a great first line treatment for acne, but complain that it dries out their skin. It can bleach eyebrows, hair an... Read More
  • Living Free from Acne - Part 1

    Photo: Martin Gommel Acne affects about 17 million people in the United States. This four-part series on one of the most common skin disorders will examine treatment options for mild to severe acne. Most people have had at least a few pimples in their teenage years. But some have to deal with major outbreaks into adulthood, causing long-term emotional and physical scarring. Fortunately, the range of treatments available today means... Read More
  • New Year, New You: Skincare Solutions...Beauty from the Inside Out

    Tune in on March 12 to The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television at 7:00-8 AM EST. & PST. (6:00-7AM CST) for skincare solutions!  ... Read More
  • Trendy, Elegant Hair for Spring

    This style works for short-medium hair and longer hair, too. I love the simplicity and elegance, while channeling the trend for braids. It has a Spring feel to it, yet it's timeless. Let me know how you like it! Why not check out our Spring Hair Trends Board on Pinterest?  ... Read More
  • Balance Your Skin

    How do you get fabulous, clear skin? We keep hearing that InfiniteAloe Skincare™ helps people both with dry and oily skin. It seems like magic, but there is science behind it. InfiniteAloe evens out and balances skin regardless of the problem, by penetrating deeply and providing the vital nutrients that your skin craves—so oily patches will normalize, dry patches become smooth and soft. Both men and women have written ... Read More
  • Healthy, Radiant Skin At All Ages

    Healthy skin requires more than a great cream (although InfiniteAloe Skincare definitely helps!) Attitude and confidence enhance your beauty at any age. Models are often in their teens, giving women over 25 totally unrealistic concepts of how they should look. Never mind the advertising - love and honor who you are.
 Here are some of my favorite quotes about women and aging.
 “There is a fountain of youth: it is your m... Read More
  • Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Healthy Hydrated Skin!

    Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Healthy Hydrated Skin! See us on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television on Wednesday, January 23 at 7:00-8 AM EST and PST, 6:00-7AM CST.   ... Read More
  • Keep Your New Year´s Resolutions!

    Photo: Dopamineharper Since New Year is a time for starting afresh, we thought we´d offer some tips to help keep your healthy resolutions easy. Did you know you can use essential oils in your home to make it clean and uplift your mood? Lavender, grapefruit, eucalyptus, tea tree (melaleuca), and rosemary are common favorites for cleaning. To clean carpets and mattresses, mix your favorite essential oil with a bit of wate... Read More
  • What Is So Essential About Essential Oils?

    Photo: Chris Gin Essential oils are nothing new (they are mentioned in the Bible 500 times). Today, people are more interested than ever in their benefits.  What are essential oils? Unlike perfume oils, essential oils contain the true “essence” of a plant--the flower, stem, leaf, bark--and most are not oily at all. They vary significantly in quality and price, and many people believe that these true essences offer benefits to s... Read More
  • Do You Suffer From Eczema?

    Eczema on a 7-year old's toes. The same spots keep peeling, over and over. Photo by Care SMC. Eczema - uncomfortable, unsightly, and sometimes hard to treat. Watch this space for  announcements about eczema. In the meantime, here are a few facts about the condition. Medical science has not discovered a single cause for eczema, but there are many issues commonly known to contribute to flare-ups: Allergies and allergic r... Read More

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