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  • Is Rosacea Disrupting Your Life?

    Anyone of any age can get rosacea, but women over 30 are more likely to develop it than any other group. There are different types of rosacea but they share a few things in common – visibly red, inflamed skin, usually around the nose, eyes, and forehead. Mild rosacea can be hidden under make up, but when it’s more severe, it can be profoundly embarrassing, interfering with both work and social life.  It’s never a good idea... Read More
  • Eczema Success Story

    "I came across InfiniteAloe at the yearly trade show here in Whitehorse. I have suffered my whole life from eczema, ichthyosis, vitligo and rosacea, lucky me. I have tried many products, I mostly use hydrocortisone. I purchased the product with the expectation I have with most of the other things I have tried - meh. This stuff totally blew my mind! I can't believe how well it works!! "I have a pretty consistent rash of eczema on my... Read More
  • I Scoffed At The Woman Selling Your Product

    by Michael Sissons Rose red belongs on your lips, not on your face or body. "I never write testimonials.  In fact, I scoffed at the woman selling your product because my skin condition has been impossible to deal with. "She said, 'Just TRY it.  Even if you don't like it after using HALF the jar you can send it back.' "I thought your company must be confident the cream works if you offer a refund for half-empty jar... Read More

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