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  • Summer Skin Care

    Now that you’ve put away your winter clothes, what should you do to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy in summer? Did you know you can prepare your skin in advance for a holiday in the sun? Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist, says she wears sunscreen on her body every night for 2 or 3 weeks ahead of her vacation so the sunscreen can build up in the outermost layer of the skin, making her skin less likely to burn. A thicker ... Read More
  • Lazy Days of Summer and Sunscreen

    Now that the lazy days of summer are upon us, I am often asked about sunscreen. *DO* wear a hat and good sunscreen when you’re going out in order to avoid skin damage. So why doesn’t InfiniteAloe Sin Care contain sunscreen? Because InfiniteAloe has an extraordinary delivery system that gets the nutrients deep into your skin, while sunscreen needs to sit on top of the skin. Sunscreen should not absorb the way InfiniteAloe does. M... Read More
  • Living Free from Acne - Part II

    Photo: Mait Juriado Acne is a huge problem for millions of people, so we are examining some of the solutions for it. It takes a toll on self-confidence and can make people feel shy and awkward in social situations, such as meeting new people or interviewing for a new job. Benzoyl Peroxide Many say that this treatment is a great first line treatment for acne, but complain that it dries out their skin. It can bleach eyebrows, hair an... Read More
  • I Love Customer Feedback!

    photo: pictr 30D I love it when customers send us feedback about InfiniteAloe Skin Care. Here is a great real story from a man in construction who sent us his feedback. "I've been trying many hands creams for years on end, some of them through prescription.  The [InfiniteAloe] Advanced Formula Skin Care cream has done wonders for my hands, before the use to crack in between or near my nails, working construction my hands have ... Read More
  • Words from a New Customer & Her Daughter

    Mother and Daughter. Photo: rentamoose    InfiniteAloe Skin Care has been around now since 1989.  The company started out distributing the product at Kiosks in Malls around the country and still does in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood.  It then branched out into doing Trade Shows around the country, then onto the internet and continues to this day.  About 14 months ago, we began appearing in Sam's Clubs throughou... Read More
  • Okay...Now let this Success Story Blow Your Socks Off!

    (Aloe photo by ruurmo) People can easily contact us on our website for any reason, be it a request, feedback of any kind, a real life success story from using the product, a question or whatever is on your mind; it is easy to reach us.  I see all incoming reaches from customers, and even non-customers curious about the product.  (Just be aware of the fact our Customer Service Manager isn't there on the weekends to tend to the contact ... Read More
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to our new blog!  At InfiniteAloe we have a lot to share with our loyal customers, friends, and those just finding out about us.  At you'll find a wealth of information pertaining to the many skin conditions people suffer from; the hundreds of success stories people share with us because InfiniteAloe goes steps further helping soothe and repair difficult skin conditions; and, there's plenty of information ... Read More

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