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  • Aloe Vera Is A Potent Growth Stimulator

    Photo: Jakob Montrasio Summer means more outdoor activities, which can mean more cuts and scrapes. I came across this interesting bit of information about Aloe Vera in a book co-written by a doctor.    “One of the principal qualities of aloe vera is that it is a potent growth stimulator. For example, when used on a cut or a burn, it penetrates below the wound and promotes healing from the inside out. …it helps to speed... Read More
  • Wonderous Aloe

    photo: Genesta This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.   Not all aloe is the same. The many specie are so varied put together it looks like the imaginative bar scene in Star Wars. Aloe is a genus with over 200 species, or 400, depending on who you talk to. The most popular of these is barbadensis Miller aloe, popularly called aloe vera. Actually, only 4 of the types are most popular and the rest are apparently best k... Read More
  • Tired Skin

    photo: This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.   Why can't our skin remain youthful forever, all the while we age, without having to jump through hoops like lions at a circus? Did we sign up for this? The body's heritage is simple minded survival. If you are not going to live very long because the saber tooth tigers are far too dominating, the body needs to grow up fast, but the body doesn't want to invest overly... Read More

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