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Tips for Managing Eczema in Summer (Part 1)

Many of our friends have asked – so here it is: part 1 in a series on caring for eczema in summer.

Many people think of eczema being worsened by cold weather (the low humidity outdoors as well as in heated homes can dry the skin and trigger itchy, blistering skin). But outdoor summer activities can lead to nasty flare ups, too. Learn how to manage eczema better so you can really enjoy your summer.

1. Perspiration isn’t the same as moisture. Sweating brings out all sorts of irritants, so while sports and exercise are super healthy, they can cause prickly heat, itching and worsened symptoms. Polyester uniforms may trap the perspiration against your skin for too long. Try to wear natural fibers or sports fabrics that wick the moisture away, and use packaged wipes that are natural and gentle between showers. Shower as soon as possible and be sure not to use excessively hot (or cold) water. It is a good idea to use InfiniteAloe Skin Care (or the eczema-friendly cream of your choice) within 3 minutes of bathing to soothe and protect against the dry skin and itchiness of eczema.

For children: Be sure to wipe them down thoroughly, including inside the folds of their skin, such as inner elbows and backs of the knees, and pat them dry. The same “3 minute” rule applies after bathing: apply InfiniteAloe right away after drying them off.

2. Chlorine in the pool can be a strong irritant. Chlorine absorbs into the skin rapidly. Some dermatologists recommend bathing or showering right before jumping into the pool so that your skin will already be “full” and will absorb less chlorine. Don’t let the chlorine stay on the skin longer than necessary, so shower promptly, pat dry thoroughly, and moisturize with a good, natural, soothing skin cream.

The organically-grown Aloe Vera used in InfiniteAloe is the most potent available (used in burn centers across America) reinforced by over 30 amazing ingredients—too many to go into here. They enhance your skin care routine with deep hydration and therapeutic botanical extracts to relieve the irritation and itching of eczema.