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Tired Skin

photo: io9.com

This is a guest post by Professor Robert L. Gisel.  

Why can't our skin remain youthful forever, all the while we age, without having to jump through hoops like lions at a circus? Did we sign up for this?

The body's heritage is simple minded survival. If you are not going to live very long because the saber tooth tigers are far too dominating, the body needs to grow up fast, but the body doesn't want to invest overly in staying grown up as the tyrannosaurs rex is going step on you soon anyway. It is called the Theory of Evoloution and Survival of the Fitest.

Thus our youthful growth hormones forsake us when we grow up enough to have learned a lesson or two. 

In other words, the body sends itself a certain set of messages while it is growing up and a different set of message once fully grown. Grown up, we are just a little smarter, though, smart enough to keep a Zippo in the pocket in case we can't find any flint rock. At least we can keep warm, even if we are tired to the bones.

The body's factory workers get lazy late in life and expect some nutrients, which are only manufactured in youth and later have to be provided externally, after we are sufficiently of age to fix our own Wheaties. 

Herein is the extended life warranty plan. You have to do it yourself, hands on nutrition supplementation. It is do it yourself and you have to pay more to get more. The difference may manifest in tired skin, we call it wrinkles, when you don't buy the extended warranty. The body says you can afford it now, no complaints, put out the extra effort (and dough).

Just like you need to get Omega 3s from an external source collagen is needed to heal damage and boost the too-little collagen production as we get older. Since collagen is what glues the body together its relationship to aging and tired skin is unmistakable. 

Maintenance is a major factor when it comes to aging and length of life. This means repair of damaged DNA and free radicals and elimination of oxidation. Just pull the body in for a lube job, tune up and oil change.

There is a survival kit available. The god-like miracle herb aloe vera turbocharges the skin providing the substances that must be supplemented to grow youthful skin. This gives the repair, regrowth and nutrition to bring your skin back to life.

With aloe you could be back to fighting the tigers in no time.

Robert L. Gisel is a Professor, writes at the blog sites Who Would Write, and Once An Alaskan and works for Ultimate Creations, Inc, the manufacturer of Infinite Aloe.