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What Is So Essential About Essential Oils?

Photo: Chris Gin

Essential oils are nothing new (they are mentioned in the Bible 500 times). Today, people are more interested than ever in their benefits. 

What are essential oils? Unlike perfume oils, essential oils contain the true “essence” of a plant--the flower, stem, leaf, bark--and most are not oily at all. They vary significantly in quality and price, and many people believe that these true essences offer benefits to skin, hair, and overall well-being for themselves, their children and even their pets.

Some of the most famous essential oils are lavender (said to be good for anxiety, dermatitis, and to repel insects), rosewood (claimed to be good for acne, and both dry and oil skin) and eucalyptus (commonly used to alleviate coughs).  There are many more well-known essential oils. Most people are familiar with the story of the three Magi, and know that frankincense and myrrh were precious gifts. But many do not realize that these true essences were used for medicinal, cosmetic, and spiritual or mental reasons. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils states that these two special essences promote calm and meditation, and are good for oral hygiene, stress, asthma, and other conditions.

We will be featuring different essential oils over the coming months, and would love to hear from you. What are your favorite “true essences” and how do you use them?