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Words from a New Customer & Her Daughter

Mother and Daughter. Photo: rentamoose
InfiniteAloe Skin Care has been around now since 1989.  The company started out distributing the product at Kiosks in Malls around the country and still does in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood.  It then branched out into doing Trade Shows around the country, then onto the internet and continues to this day.  About 14 months ago, we began appearing in Sam's Clubs throughout the US.  We get unsolicited testimonials from customers both in the US and from around the globe all the time.
     Here is one testimonial from a customer, followed by a 2nd from her daughter.
     "I can not praise this product enough!  I purchased it as a roadshow at Sam's Wholesale several months ago. I started using it, not only on my hands, but also on my feet.  I did not tell my pedicurist I was using it.  Within two pedicures (maybe 6 weeks total) she made a comment on how much better my feet were.  I purposely had not told her I was using this product feeling if she noticed it without me saying anything, then it was really working.  She really appreciated she did not have to work so hard getting the dead, dried, calloused skin off my feet.
     I also gave some of the sample jars I received to friends and my family.  Each one told me within days of the things they had used it on and IT WORKED!....A scorpion bite, a wasp sting and a burned finger.  Also I recently purchased a new InStyle curing iron and immediately burned my finger while trying to learn how to use it...a ceramic curling iron seems to burn much deeper, yet I immediately used the cream on the burn, and I NEVER HAD A BLISTER FROM THE BURN OR DID IT HURT AFTER USING THE CREAM!
     I gave a jar of InfiniteAloe to my daughter (age 45) for Christmas on the 20th of December.  Yesterday (December 27th) she called to tell me her age spots are not as noticeable as before and her 13 year old daughter also has noticed the spots are going away and wants to know how to get more of it for her friends and family!
     I can not praise this product enough and for each person I have given a sample jar to, they want "refills" as well as telling their friends about the product and they now want the product also!  Thank-you so much for this excellent product.  --ABR, Gonzales, Texas

Now....from her daughter.....

     I just wanted to thank-you for the InfiniteAloe you gave me for Christmas.  I love the product.  I use it as my moisturizer under my make-up and it is wonderful.  I had been using a cream that was supposed to reduce the appearance of age spots on my face for about 3 months will little or no results....the spots actually looked like they had darkened.  I have now used the InfiniteAloe for about 8 days and I can already tell the difference.  The age spots have lightened dramatically and even my friends have commented on the results.  I will recommend the product to everyone!  Thanks again!  --SLW, Bastrop, La.

     The power of InfiniteAloe!