Basically they each have the same ingredients only the scent is different. Original scent has a floral light jasmine scent, the Fragrance Fee has no added scent and the Special Edition has a light “woodsy” or ‘musk-like’ scent derived from essential oils.
No, it is not like a medication, the cream is plant based and you can apply as much and as often as you like.

Of course, if an adverse reaction occurs you should stop using it.
For best results, smooth on InfiniteAloe Skin Care gently into your skin right after you wash your hands or shower, when your pores are open. Apply at night just before you to go to bed. For problem areas, apply InfiniteAloe Skin Care generously throughout the day. Allow a few minutes for the cream to soak deep into your skin before applying gloves, make-up or clothing.

It's been reported that Infinite Aloe cream works better the longer you use it.
InfiniteAloe Gold anti-aging treatment is intended to be patted onto the skin rather than rubbed into it. On freshly cleaned skin, use your ring finger to pat or tap InfiniteAloe Gold gently into face and neck. This unique formula penetrates deeply without rubbing. Rubbing pulls delicate skin and damages it especially around the eye area. Lightly pat InfniteAloe Gold around the eyes, mouth, forehead, neck, chest and any area where you want to prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lack of elasticity (sagging), thinning skin, and other signs of aging skin.

Use as a night treatment. Use morning and night for accelerated results.

TIP: Use InfiniteAloe Skin Care as a base and then apply the Anti-aging Formula to fine lines around eyes, lips, forhead, neck and chest. Refresh your look during the day by patting InfiniteAloe Gold gently on your face. The nanoparticles penetrate right through makeup. Because it’s patted on, it won’t disturb your makeup.
InfiniteAloe uses natural, gentle ingredients which work with a variety of skin types, from very sensitive skin types to extremely dry skin. Many mothers use our products to soothe common problems encountered by babies and children. These include cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema, fever blisters and more.