Calendula - Our Ingredients


Calendula has been used extensively in treating
wounds, skin abrasions and infections. Folk medicinal
uses include treatments of sores, burns, rashes, varicose
veins and fungal infections.

Our discovery

Calendula contains chemicals that have been shown in
animal studies to speed up wound-healing by several
actions that include: increasing blood flow to the affected
area and promoting the production of collagen proteins.
Calendula also possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
effects due to its high content of flavonoids.

The benefits

Calendula is used in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care for its ability to
prevent infections and to bring relief to uncomfortable and
difficult skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

Calendula is famous for
its ability to stimulate the
growth of new skin cells.

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Showing (7 Items)