Real Stories

Real Stories

Modern researchers, in independent studies, have confirmed some of the miraculous wonders Aloe Vera produces. Recognized authorities on the subject have published volumes of scientific testimony about Aloe Vera, yet the most moving declarations of its potency come from individuals who have found relief in using the product.

Here are real stories from people who have used our products in recent years. We publish these not as proof of the power of Aloe but as a written account of the experiences others have had with our products.

Real Stories Very Dry Skin


“InfiniteAloe is great lotion! I like that it does not have a greasy feel and it absorbs quickly into my skin.”


“I love this product. I have really dry skin and I have seen a big improvement. I also use it on my face.””


“I use InfiniteAloe after cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. It helps with dry skin from dish-pan hands. The lotion has a nice scent and doesn't make me nauseous like some other scented hand lotions.”


“I love this skin care product. It is so moisturizing and creamy also not greasy. My dry skin is gone.”


“I live in a very dry climate and this cream works great on my hands and feet. It is a huge help with my dry cuticles and heels and I love that it is not greasy. Love, love, love it for hands and feet.”

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Note to visitor: We do not make any claim by publishing these reports. It is not our place to promote or validate any healing properties of Aloe. We merely share the experiences reported to us by our customers. The views expressed by others cannot be construed to be the views of our company, the company's management, staff, affiliates, or distributors.

We enjoy hearing from our customers and publish their letters to acknowledge and thank them for buying and using our products again and again. It is they who tell the stories. We only record and share their communications here with you.