Insect Bites and Stings
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The redness, swelling and itchiness of insect stings can really be a pain and nuisance. You may feel burning, stinging or numbness up to 12 inches around the site. Bees, spiders, fleas, wasps, bedbugs, and many more can leave you itching or with a rash-like reaction.

How Can Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and Grape Seed Oil Help With Insect Bites And Stings?

The main effect of nearly any bug bite or sting is inflammation, irritation and soreness. A scientific review for the Department of Defense discussed these antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities in Aloe Vera.

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care nourishes your skin with saponins (from organic Aloe Vera), which have been researched for relief from pain and itching. There are many reports that saponins elevate the body's production of cortisone, which can reduce soreness and swelling, though  it is unknown how they benefit in topical care.

Vitamin A may also be important for rapid healing, as it is vital to the repair and growth of epithelial cells of the skin. Grape Seed Oil brings powerful cellular rebuilding properties deep below the skin's surface to moisturize and aid in protecting skin tissue. These are just some of the many beneficial, ingredients in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care.

How To Use Infinitealoe® For Minor, Non-Emergency Insect Bites Or Stings:

  1. If necessary, remove the stinger by scraping the back of a credit card or other straight-edged object across the stinger. Do not use tweezers, as doing so may squeeze the venom sac and increase the amount of toxins released.
  2. Clean the affected area thoroughly, and apply ice if needed to reduce swelling.
  3. Many have used baking soda or even mud or clay to help pull the venom from the sting.
  4. Keep the well covered with InfiniteAloe® Skin Care to promote healing and help protect from infection.

If there is any indication of shock or systemic (whole body) reaction to a bee sting, you may be allergic; seek a physician immediately.

Real Stories from people who have used InfiniteAloe® for insect bites and stings:

"My six year old son was playing outside and accidentally came across a bee hive. He was stung by many bees and had about 20 stings all over his face. On the way to the hospital we rubbed a lot of the cream all over his face. We arrived at the emergency room in about 30 minutes, and the doctor was amazed that the swelling from the bees already was going down. The aloe cream was pulling the toxins from the stings from his face."


"I had many flea bites on my leg from the beach, and they were very red and swollen. I put the Aloe Cream on them and the itching went away immediately. It also helped them heal!"

HM, Clearwater, Florida

"I am writing to say that I think your product is great. I have used it numerous times and it has not let me down. It has worked very well for my daughter's cradle cap, bruises, bug bites, and it keeps their skin soft without all the build up."


Try your InfiniteAloe® Skin Care today!


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